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Android contact pictures not updating

Which means if my contacts had no ability to detect a registered whatsapp contact, I'd never chat new people on whatsapp. *Yes I tried to search the new name from a new chat but it does not appear.

— modified on Mar 18, 2017 AM I haven't come across such problem yet, but my wife had the problem before.

Update— there is a better app, see the end of the page. It will start looking for all the phonebook contacts, who also use Whats App.

And after the scanning is completed, you will a list.

Outlook for i OS has its own People section that synchronizes with the contacts stored in a user’s Exchange mailbox (on-premises or cloud – including Outlook.com).

Synchronization is one-way and Exchange is the master copy, meaning that you cannot make changes to an Outlook contact on your device.

And we didn't know how to solve that and left it be. Anyway, thanks for posting this, it may be useful in the future.

Now, the traditional way of doing that is very tedious.

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However, useful as they are, the big downside with Outlook contacts is that they are unavailable to other apps.

And it would only take you few minutes to fetch their photos. This app has the option to update pictures automatically. you’ll still have to open each photo manually from Whats App. But if you are i Phone or windows users then you can use apps like or Uber Sync Facebook to directly import contact’s display picture from their Facebook profile.

But at least the part, where have to set them as a contact photo, can be automated with this app.

You can edit your name, username, location, email, phone number, and a profile picture from your profile page.

When I wrote about Outlook for i OS during my transition from Windows Phone to i OS, I concentrated on email notifications and downloads.


  1. In your Android phone book, make sure that all contact accounts i.e. SIM, Google, Phone & contact groups i.e. Friends, Family are "visible" or "viewable". 5. It is recommended that you make your contacts "not visible" & then "visible" to force a refresh. After doing this launch WhatsApp - Menu Button.

  2. Jul 1, 2014. If you're running stock Android, you know the frustration of not having contact photos for most of your contacts. It has some useful options like choosing the frequency of syncing, if it can only sync on WiFi, and the size of synced pictures — but it's noticeably lacking several others like birthday and event.

  3. Mar 16, 2017. In other words, if you add or change a contact in Exchange, that update will synchronize to the device. The device then synchronizes your contacts with iCloud. However, if you edit a contact using the native contacts app for instance, to add a photo on an iPhone or iPad, the change will not find its way back.

  4. Connecting to a WiFi connection and then attempt to download your connections again. If you're connected via WiFi, try turning WiFi off and attempt to download your connections using mobile data. Check how many connections you have on LinkedIn. If you have over 1,500 connections, you may not be able to download.

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