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I was planning on holding off until 2nd Season was fully translated but eff it, I can take up two threads with games about chasing high school boys. Legality note: The Tokimeki Girl's Side games have never been officially translated into English.

To play these games, the best you can do is import the Japanese version of the game, then emulate and use the fan-made English language patch.

Blah blah entrance ceremony and I get to meet my new BFF for this playthrough, a cheerleader named Fujii Natsumi.

She lets me know that Hazuki is basically the school idol, being smart, good at sports, and a well-known model. This little brat is your obnoxious playboy little brother, sexual predator of the preteen set.

This is a life sim where you need to choose your classes, afterschool activities, clothes, and friends, go on dates and attend special functions, have a job, compete in mini-games... I've played this game twice before, engaging in an inappropriate student-teacher relationship and chasing after the ace basketball player. The game doesn't allow enough characters to get anywhere close to my standard Killfuck Soulshitter, so Balls it is.

This time around I am going to go make an artsy, stylish girl. It has a system to let you pick syllables so that the guys can say your nickname outloud, but I don't know moonrunes so I picked randomly.

She doesn't like him because he's got a bad personality. You can get him, which is the first route I ever did because hey! Also, he's the sexy glasses character who wears suits. He is very, very concerned that you will grow up to be a lonely old cat lady and he will have to spend some of his playing around with women money to support you, so he stalks all your boyfriends to find out their birthdays, phone numbers, and how much they like you.

This is not a visual novel where you read/listen to lots of dialog and then choose from a couple of options to navigate the story.Over at the General store I buy as many accessories as I can, because wearing the right accessory is actually more important in this game than the clothes.Clothing comes in one of four different styles: Pure, Elegant, Sexy, or Sporty.While I am working on my masterpiece, my whorish little brother has been stalking Hazuki and tricks him into calling me so that I can have his phone number.THAT'S HOW LOVE WORKS RIGHT GUYS, CREEPY LITTLE BROTHERS ARE TOTALLY A TURN ON, RIGHT?I don't know much about Mihara yet, just that he is full of himself and has pretty pony hair. Not too formal, not too informal, it should be a safe pick.Luckily, it seems to have worked, but he declined my invitation to the cafe because he had other stuff to do. So I call Hazuki and ask him to go to the park with me. GET OFF THAT STEPSTOOL AND STOP MOLESTING THAT PAINTING RIGHT THIS SECOND YOUNG MAN!Now they call me Maho when they are speaking, but in the writing it's all "Ooooh BLS-chan~!" So the game opens up with a dream sequence where your much younger self is being told a fairytale by a boy with blond hair, and he promises that just like the prince returned for his princess, he will return for you someday. That little icon in the upper right reminds me that I forgot to mention one of the major features of this game.After shopping, it's time to make the choice to join a club, and I decide to go with the Arts club. Anyway, he is a genius artist who attends your school, though he says his parents are the real geniuses for making a masterpiece such as himself.Then he promises that he is going to attend club activities more often so that he can tutor me personally. OH BOY IT'S NICKNAME TIME Giving a friend or boyfriend the right nickname can raise affection, but choosing the wrong one can make them mad.


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