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Young love doesn't always last forever, but it doesn't necessarily have to end on awful terms either.The latter situation seems to describe Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid's breakup--the former couple insisted their split this past May was an amicable one, and this truly does seem to be the case.The Aussie singer and Ralph Lauren model, 18, recently told Yahoo!

Justin knows that Kendall is single and loves to party—so Selena is all too happy to let Justin know that the girls are traveling together.Her goal, of course, is to send a message to her ex Justin Bieber that she’s doing just fine without him. The answer is a resounding “no.” As CDL told you, Selena Gomez carefully plans everything she does around Bieber—whether she is with him or not.Along for the trip is long-time frenemy Kendall Jenner, who has been friends with Justin Bieber for a long time, at one point even raising speculation that the two were dating.They’ll be meeting up with Shay Mitchell and Devon Windsor.Also along for the ride, the only male of the group, Cody Simpson—who happens to be Gigi’s boyfriend.The video also stars Hailey Baldwin and of course they all look incredible decked out in their Ralph Lauren duds as they hang out with tamborines, just generally being beautiful people.We now have an insatiable thirst to buy all the double denim and build a camp fire.“I was so stoked to be there, because my music and style is taking on a more rock n’ roll vibe,” Simpson told Yahoo Style.“Jimi Hendrix is such an iconic figure—I grew up on his music, and he’s definitely an influence—and Ralph Lauren is such an iconic brand. And just because I haven’t tweeted for the past ten minutes doesn’t mean I’m dead. And just because I haven’t tweeted for the past ten minutes doesn’t mean I’m dead. I want to have a big influence on the music industry.”Nick Jonas, sat front row at a Chanel show, and been embraced by music blogs as R& B’s future. and US Weekly reports that Kylie Jenner wants to make “Tinashe-type music.”  (The singer is diplomatic, saying, “Anytime someone loves your music, and wants to create their own thing because of it, that’s very flattering… Sooooo if you get cast in new campaign for Ralph Lauren with your ex-girlfriends little sister..gotta do it right?Well, that's exactly what has happened in the case of Cody Simpson, who stars in a new campaign for Ralph Lauren, where he sings a cover of, 'Express Yourself' with Tinashe as a bunch of models dance around him in the studio..one of those models being Bella Hadid.


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