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A different picture awaited the members on that grim morning after. With some trepidation and much discussion, pro and con, the Biloxi Yacht Club, with an SBA 3% loan of 9,000 had a new home.In its colorful 100-odd year history BYC has had to make many decisions."The only loss," Quave reported, "was loose lumber and tools amounting to 0." A charter member of the Southern Gulf Coast Yachting Association on April 28, 1901, along with Bay Waveland, Mobile, Southern, and Pass Christian, Biloxi Yacht Club found itself cast in that role again in 1920.

The BYC is a founding member of the Gulf Yachting Association, as well as the Mississippi Coast Yachting Association.

The following description of the clubhouse is from an early account found in a booklet given to the Biloxi Library by the late Jacinto Baltar, prominent businessman, banker and civic leader. On a level with the pier are the bathhouses and on either side of them are galleries with stairways leading down into the water.

The clubhouse is built on a foundation set in 10 feet of water directly opposite the Montross Hotel. The second floor is reached by a stairway on the outside of the building, leading up directly from the end of the pier.

It had stood the test of time, having been rebuilt after the storm of 1915 and having weathered all that Nature had flung her way since that time.

It is small wonder that a group of energetic members were continuing their work remodeling the upper floor of the clubhouse for a gala opening that would feature and art exhibit and a fashion show in a large room suitable for meetings and other events while a storm, named Camille, was flirting along a path to the coast but until the last minute seemed to be headed for Panama City, Florida, that fateful day in August, 1969. All the while the club stalwarts were considering their options, looking into all possibilities, and in time the El Capitan Lounge, swimming pool and marina of the Trade Winds Hotel became available.


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