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Unfortunately, I made the rash decision to sign up for the exam at the end of January and didn’t receive my books until the beginning of February so my effective study time was only 4 months.I also bought Schweser notes, which I think is a valuable study aid.Checks for proper drive separator (colon) syntax were made more correct, which had the side effect of blocking some URI paths in a few select Path APIs where they used to be tolerated.

NET Framework, attempting to reuse the decryptor by calling Transform Block(Byte[], Int32, Int32, Byte[], Int32) after a call to Transform Final Block(Byte[], Int32, Int32) throws a Cryptographic Exception or produces corrupted data.

Plus, I have heard rumors that if you are on the cusp of passing but score highly in Ethics that you will pass.

Before taking the exam I re-read this portions because I did not want to pass up on these easy points.

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