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No nick occurs in the message "Hi all", although according to Rintel/Mulholland/Pittam (2001) "openings are an excellent starting point for investigating how interaction on IRC functions to instantiate and develop interpersonal relationships." Second, is not put in front of the message and followed by a colon.A word-by-word comparison between user list and each word of the message is necessary in order to find the receiver's nickname.But explicit direct addressing is not always used or required, for instance, for addressing a message to everybody in a channel (Mutton 2004a).Most IRC clients provide automatic text highlighting including manually set nicknames and variants.One of the pioneering studies regarding IRC nicknames was done by Bechar-Israeli (1995).260 nicknames from four different IRC channels were analyzed from the perspective of a content analysis.Nicknames play a special role in chat discourses for direct addressing; the way in which people address one another.A nick acts as a marker in the chat discourse, comparable with Sack's concept of "speaker select" (Bays 1998; Kortti 1999; Nash 2005).

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The following work focuses on the IRC, originally written in 1988 by Oikarinen/Reed.This is one of the basic (written and unwritten) rules of online communication; it is called netiquette.Direct addressing, also known as "addressivity" (Werry 1996) or "cross-turn reference" (Herring 1999), opens up the possibility of taking part in more conversation at the same time for the participants.Below a possible chat discourse extract is illustrated: The nicks of the speakers are surrounded by angle brackets, followed by a written user message (as they appear on IRC).This extract points out the following problems: First, as mentioned above, direct addressing is not always used or required.There are several different independent IRC networks (e.g., Quake Net, IRCnet, Undernet, EFnet).Each IRC network consists of a certain number of servers, which communicate over a well-defined open protocol.Some further classifications of nicknames can be found, but these works focus mainly on a semantic point of view.Although Lakaw (2006) points out that the topic of a channel has an impact on the creation of IRC nicks, the following studies deal with a small number of investigated nicknames or channels.In this section, approaches to classifications of chat nicknames and analyses of chat communication are presented.Basically, nicknames are proper nouns (Anderson 2007; Stommel 2007).


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