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“I think with this record, Sarah’s opening herself up in ways she hasn’t in the past.There is a candour to her songs that you don’t always hear in her work. These new songs are less obscure and really do focus on her life right now, which is very positive.” The record does seem brighter than the rest of her oeuvre.The song was encouraged by a powerful romantic relationship in her life.“I’ve had more sex this year than I’ve had in my entire life,” she says, speaking to the song’s origins. I had my children, I had my friends, I had my music,” she says. the idea of meeting someone was so over.” But, she says, something important was still missing.

I simply write the songs I write and if it works, it works.” Rather than take Madonna’s path of manic recycled reinvention, Mc Lachlan has stuck to what she knows.“If we’re relying on radio play we’re f–ked,” she says, laughing.“I refuse to force a song in a direction because it’s going to get radio play—I’m an album-oriented artist.Two of the lead singles— (written with Mc Lachlan’s daughters in mind, 12-year-old India and six-year-old Taja)—come from the Doucet collaboration.“It took more than 20 years of knowing her to get to work with her in this capacity,” says Doucet via phone from his home in Hamilton.Even her album cover looks exactly like something she’d have put out in 1999. She included people outside of her usual inner circle during the songwriting sessions.Long-time producer-collaborator Pierre Marchand, who is used to being the only co-pilot on her records, is joined by Matt Morris (Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake), super-producer Bob Rock (Metallica, Michael Bublé), and Luke Doucet, who co-fronts the duo Whitehorse with his wife, Melissa Mc Clelland (both have been in Mc Lachlan’s touring band).You can find a list of our phone chat services in the left-hand menu. You'll find a brief description of each phone chat line we offer and can follow the links for more information on each service.By her own admission, Sarah Mc Lachlan’s career thrives on the threat of defeat.“I did enjoy proving them wrong.” If Mc Lachlan likes coming back from grim predictions, she couldn’t ask for much worse than the past few years. While she stayed far from the limelight raising her two daughters—her property is located amid a clump of sleepy suburban houses, a conscious choice to give her kids a semblance of a normal childhood—the diva empires of Gaga, Rihanna and Adele conquered the charts. For all the media slagging Lilith received, it amassed more than million for various women’s charities.In 2010, in the thick of this new female pop takeover, she decided to emerge and resuscitate Lilith, which was roundly declared a flop. When Mc Lachlan talks about her soon-to-be released studio album, , her eighth, there is a familiar defiance in her tone.


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