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While becoming the movement of Dinesh D’Souza, Sean Hannity and Franklin Graham, they have essentially expelled the leaders and thinkers who have purchase in mainstream culture.

Conservatism is now less a political or philosophic movement and more a separatist subculture that participates in its own ostracism.

It mixed propaganda films from the regime with testimony from people who had been tortured in communist prisons, or whose relatives had been abused in some way by the state. All that talk about brotherhood and shared prosperity and justice concealed cruelty, injustice, and murder of those who stood between the Party and Paradise.

The most chilling part of the film, at least to me, were the clips of the 1950s show trials.

Just now I read David Brooks’s column today about how progressives are winning the culture war.

The rhetoric from the judges and prosecutors, and the narration by the state media announcer, denounced the accused as traitors, parasites, enemies of the people, and so forth.

And these poor people, dignified but clearly in terror, confessed to their “crimes” and received the death penalty.

Title IX, a groundbreaking statute intended to end sex discrimination in education, became the law of the land on June 23, 1972.

While most famous for its requirement that schools provide girls with equal athletic opportunities, the law applies to all educational programs that receive federal funding, and to all aspects of a school's educational system.


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