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Craig ferguson dating sharon stone

The party beneath the palm trees at the poolside bar of one of Hollywood's hippest hotels was a typically glittering Los Angeles affair.Waiters in uniforms of all black served cocktails and king prawns to the likes of Jackie Collins, the doyenne of British novelists, Henry Winkler, best known as The Fonz in Happy Days, and Kyle Mac Lachlan, from Sex and the City and Twin Peaks.He was also downing a bottle of vodka a day and was a heavy user of marijuana and cocaine.After splitting from his first wife, he had a six-month affair with Fiona Fullerton, the former Bond girl, but he never made the big time in his homeland.Then he cleaned up his act (he has not had a drink in 13 years) and moved to LA, where his career soon took off.

"It breaks the rules," he admits, "but the people who succeed often break the rules."The novel has been well reviewed so far as Ferguson's career goes from strength to strength.

This list includes Sharon Stone's famous exes like Craig Ferguson and Rick Fox.

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They were gathered to celebrate the latest landmark in the remarkable career of Craig Ferguson, a Scottish comedian little known in Britain but who has become one of the most familiar faces on American television.

Comic, actor, director, talk-show host and, as of last week, novelist, Ferguson, 43, is one of Britain's most successful showbusiness exports.


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