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Cute online dating usernames

He’s neither creative nor imaginative, and very likely has a flat, non-dynamic personality. Reading between the lines, this guy may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer.If you're looking for fireworks, this isn't your guy. Look for references to: spelling errors and/or unintentional ambiguity.I didn't tell my brother but I did confront his wife about it.

Ive heard sometimes girls decide to talk to a guy or not based on his username?Something that matches your hobbies or interests would be cool.When you're a smart, sassy siren looking for love online, you come across countless profiles.anyway lets hear some catchy usernames you can think of good for a dating site...For starters, here are some of my brainstorming ideas on a catchy username you could use for that 'dating website': ‘smelly-catch-of-the-day’ ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ ‘super-catch’ ‘gamers-only’ I dunno. I think it would be best to pick something based on your personality, or what you like. Besides, you are far more than a catchy name, aren't you?[edit on 12-7-2008 by cosmicstorm] No suggestions on my end but I do have a funny story to share. lol But it was funny because the gold diggers came out of the wood-work.One of my guy friends whose first name is Richard but goes by 'Rich' used the name I'm Filty Stinking Rich about 5 years ago when he tried out or (one of those types sites). I would simply recommend staying away from the cheesy run-of-the-mill names that lack creativity like Cool Guy or Just Looking.Over the last couple of years, I’ve become a bit of a serial online dater.I’ve sifted through hundreds if not thousands of online dating profiles—and chatted and met more people than I can count.If you initiate contact, be prepared for lots of messages from him. Real-life username examples: Great Catch, hotstud, Super Hot Mega Hunk, Studley_Mc Awesome What’s with this guy? He thinks he’s beyond awesome—and doesn’t understand why he can’t find someone who will stay with him.He is arrogant and delusional about where his faults lie.


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