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Dating body type descriptions

Cardiovascular disease can be a primary threat to an overweight meso, so if you fit into that category, your best method of prevention is to maintain a healthy diet and a balanced exercise regime.

Remember that your heart is a muscle, too, and the best way to keep it fit is to perform cardiovascular activities.

Although all body types are susceptible to excessive weight gain, as an endomorph, you are more inclined to become obese.

The majority of your body weight is either centered in the middle of your body or in your hip and buttocks regions.

These body types have different characteristics, and you should tailor your workout to whichever you belong.

), you will most likely find your fellow mesos lifting weights and avoiding the cardio equipment like step machines or treadmills.

When you think "mesomorph," think of Sylvester Stallone and Demi Moore.

A one-word description for the ectomorph body type (or ecto, for short) is slim.

If you’re an ecto, mesomorphs and endomorphs usually don’t want to stand next to you.


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