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Dating custom in italy

They celebrate together and then return home except the groom's father and some relatives.Past midnight they carry the girl in a hammock to a friend of the groom's father.However, in the modern age, this particular custom seems to be practiced less often.Wedding celebrations in Nepal mean great festivity with feasting and music.Negotiations take place through an appointed mediator between the two families.After the horoscope determines they are suited, the boy's family will present the other family with food, nuts, fruit and sweets.Inside the house a priest engages the party in religious ritual.After this the bride must give areca nuts to everyone in the family.

The father of a boy will find a suitable bride and consults an astrologer to find out if they are a good match.At the end of the day the groom and his bride will share a meal from the same plate. The next day the bride is given a formal reception into the kitchen where everyone eats together.On the third day she is taken to the deity the family worships and takes part in various religious rituals with the groom.The next evening a feast is held at the girl's house where gifts are brought.At the same time a procession takes place at the boy's home.In some cases the boy and his family will come to visit the girl and her family where they strike a deal.If they cannot agree then the boy's family will seek another girl for him to marry.Wedding customs in Nepal vary according to ethnic groups and castes.Traditionally Nepalese marriages are arranged, a deal between two sets of parent.Best wishes, Team Interactive Forums amanda - 2011-03-27 im an american woman and i have been married to a nepali man for almost 2 years.ive never met his parents but we have video chatted and they love me. im excited to see them in person and i know they are too.


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