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This sense of intimacy delivers romantic accommodations, restaurants, coffee bars and night clubs throughout the city.Rome features hundreds of romantic hotels, which also can accommodate romantic visits that include families. Italian hotels have scaled pricing with late July to early September being the most-expensive season.Take a romantic ride through the countryside, where you will visit perfectly preserved ancient towns, follow their remarkable histories and sample their famous cuisine.Vineyards, wine tastings and postcard landscapes abound on this trip, starting in the marvelous capital of Visit some of Italy’s most romantic destinations on an epic ‘Italian Highlights’ trip.

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' Limonare' (literally 'to lemon') is another way of talking about a somewhat sloppy kiss, and probably derives from the action of lemon squeezers, while 'pomiciare' comes from the noun 'la pomice' (pumice stone), which gives some idea of the technique described.In Italy, a one-night stand is known as 'una botta e via', literally meaning 'a bang and go', and if you're short on time, it could be helpful to know that 'farsi una sveltina' or 'fare una cosina veloce' are two translations for 'to have a quickie'.READ ALSO: Sex toy advert airs on Italian TV for first time ever Falling in love Just as in English, in Italian it's common to say 'mi piace qualcuno' (I like someone) to talk about someone you have romantic feelings for.If you're talking directly to the object of your affections, make sure not to get confused by the verb 'piacere', which is often tough for non-native speakers.' Mi piaci' is ' I like you', while 'ti piaccio' means 'you like me'.The noun 'una civetta', which means 'owl', is used to talk about flirty women (in English you might say 'vixen'), while for men you could say 'un donnaiolo' for a heterosexual man (it translates more or less as 'womanizer') or 'un cascamorto', which comes from the term 'cascare morto' (to fall down dead), suggesting dramatic swooning.You can also use the verbal phrase 'fare il cascamorto' to refer to a man who is flirting, usually in an over the top way, with someone.If you're talking about a single date, you'd say 'ho un (primo) appuntamento con un ragazzo/una ragazza' (I have a (first) date with a guy/girl), but if you're dating regularly, you can say 'sto uscendo con qualcuno' or 'mi sto vedendo qualcuno' (I'm going out with/seeing someone).Some other useful dating vocabulary to have up your sleeve: 'un appuntamento al buio', literally 'date in the dark' is the Italian term for a blind date; 'pagare alla romana' (to pay the Roman way) is to split the bill equally, and 'bidonare' or 'dare buca a qualcuno' is 'to stand someone up'.The verb 'baciare' means 'to kiss' and is related to the noun 'un bacio' (a kiss).But if you want to get more descriptive, Italian has a rich vocabulary for talking about kisses.


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