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For example, one of the biggest areas of programming is the misogynistic idea that a woman’s appearance is her defining power, and that women must compete against each other in a sort-of underlying appearance competition.

While this idea unfortunately remains in TV programs, music videos, print and media advertisements, and so on till this day, I often feel like women my age struggle with this more than the younger women I know because the culture promoted this competition more fiercely when I was young.

And since I am mostly heterosexual and know it more thoroughly than queerness, I will focus on that type of dating here.

Rather than project outdated, oppressive and very boring rules on her, embrace the beauty of a woman telling you exactly who she is and how she would like to be treated.

It does not serve anyone to cling to tired old misogynistic patriarchal patterns, and dating later in life is a great time free yourself from those old patterns.

Being married and with children is wonderful, but it is not a requirement in order to be a “real woman” — an expectation I grew up hearing and still occasionally encounter from the men in my life.

The same thing may happen to you, and we will not bail on you, or make any negative assumptions.

Many of us also have reached a pinnacle in our careers, and all of a sudden may be engrossed in the project of a lifetime.

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Even more unfortunate, the competition increased as girls became women.Amy is published in several literary journals, and as of 2015, she self-published her first chapbook, “Thump.” She continues her interests in environmental activism and social justice issues.When not writing, Amy can be found dog-sitting, jogging through forests, and exploring her Native and European ancestry through ceremony and song.I entered college in the fall of 1975 and graduated spring of 1980.During that time, although I no longer felt pressured to solely care about appearance and dating, meeting a man to marry was still just as expected as finishing college and finding a career.Dating can be a way to revel in the moment; I encourage it to be viewed that way, at least initially.So, if you are a straight, cis man over 50 interested in dating women, here are some critical feminist don’ts for you.Just because we have been going out every Friday night, don’t assume we lose interest if we are unavailable for a month or two.We may have a parent who is dying, or a close friend who is sick; we may need to take off for 2 months to be with them.Besides, who knows what sort of new, unexpected things you might learn about yourself and your own desire.This attitude that women should be younger than the man they are with, alongside being ableist, ageist, and fatphobic, is rooted in the underlying assumption still lingering for men my age that part of the reason why women are here on earth is for a man’s pleasure — so she needs to fit into his standards of desirability.


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