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Erin tillman dating advice

"The Dating Guidebook" is an instructional dating guide for newly single, newly divorced and unhappily single women and men who want to start enjoying their dating lives.

URL: Bragging Rights: love and sex advice from America’s sweetheart Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast, was created by Dan Savage in 1996.These guests include rock legends Alice and Sheryl Cooper, who share generously how they triumphed in their 40-year marriage, even through a period of addiction.The podcast also shares other unique and fun stories with couples about spiritual partnership, remarriages, and building a business together.Radio personality and dating expert Erin Tillman, known as The Dating Advice Girl, was inspired to pen her new book when she noticed a lack of positive views on being single and an endless number of books and articles being written describing single life as a negative experience.Helping empower singles and in turn preparing them for dating, Tillman debuts "The Dating Guidebook: Tips For Living a Happy and Healthy Single Life Without Losing Yourself in the Dating Process" (published by Author House).She started the show after suspecting her friends were living vicariously through her dating stories.Guests frequently include the dates themselves, the occasional ex and some of Kate’s friends."Enjoying the dating process is all about having reasonable expectations, an open mind and a willingness to shift your current opinions and perspectives about being single," Tillman explains."The Dating Guidebook" helps singles to be better prepared while navigating the dating scene and gives singles real ways to start enjoying the dating process.Topics like “How Internet Porn Can Damage Your Inner Game and Sexuality” find the edgy truth in a world complicated by social media.And they stand by their creed, “Everything we do here is about helping men to get better with women faster.” URL: Bragging Rights: get the woman you desire with the real you Carlos Xuma’s weekly advice podcast brings his extensive know-how on wooing women to a sizable online audience.


  1. Stop Trying So Hard to Find “The One. The Dating Advice Girl, Erin Tillman, is a single life consultant/dating expert/radio host/author who lives in Los Angeles, CA.

  2. The Dating Advice Girl, Erin Tillman, is a dating expert, social life consultant, author, speaker and radio host based in Los Angeles, California.

  3. Bragging Rights helping singles get the most out of life. The Dating Advice Girl podcast comes from Erin Tillman, an author and single life consultant who co-hosts.

  4. An Easy-To-Follow Dating Strategy Course for Singles of all Genders, Lifestyles, and Sexual Orientations

  5. Radio personality and dating expert Erin Tillman, known as The Dating Advice Girl, was inspired to pen her new book when she noticed a lack of positiv

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