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Smooth-bore weapons with a calibre of 20 mm or more, other weapons or armament with a calibre greater than 12,7 mm (calibre 0,50 inches), projectors and accessories, as follows, and specially designed components therefor: Bombs, torpedoes, grenades, smoke canisters, rockets, mines, missiles, depth charges, demolition-charges, demolition-devices, demolition-kits, ‘pyrotechnic’ devices, cartridges and simulators (i.e.equipment simulating the characteristics of any of these items), specially designed for military use; For the purpose of ML4.b.2.This is achieved by the use of computer and other specialised hardware designed to support the functions of a military command and control organisation.The main functions of an automated command and control system are: the efficient automated collection, accumulation, storage and processing of information; the display of the situation and the circumstances affecting the preparation and conduct of combat operations; operational and tactical calculations for the allocation of resources among force groupings or elements of the operational order of battle or battle deployment according to the mission or stage of the operation; the preparation of data for appreciation of the situation and decision-making at any point during operation or battle; computer simulation of operations.Words and terms contained in this List of Definitions only take the defined meaning where this is indicated by their being enclosed in ‘double quotations marks’.

incorporating self-sealing lines) and designed to use hydraulic fluids with flash points higher than 839 K (566 °C); Nuclear power generating equipment or propulsion equipment, including ‘nuclear reactors’, specially designed for military use and components therefor specially designed or ‘modified’ for military use; For the purpose of ML17, ‘modified’ means any structural, electrical, mechanical, or other change that provides a non-military item with military capabilities equivalent to an item which is specially designed for military use.

ML 10‘Airship’ A power-driven airborne vehicle that is kept buoyant by a body of gas (usually helium, formerly hydrogen) which is lighter than air.

ML11‘Automated Command and Control Systems’ Electronic systems, through which information essential to the effective operation of the grouping, major formation, tactical formation, unit, ship, subunit or weapons under command is entered, processed and transmitted.

Military materials, containing thickeners for hydrocarbon fuels, specially formulated for use in flame throwers or incendiary munitions, such as metal stearates (e.g., octal (CAS 637-12-7)) or palmitates; Other high energy density fuels and fuel additives (e.g., cubane, ionic solutions, JP-7, JP-10), having a volume-based energy density of 37,5 GJ per cubic meter or greater, measured at 293 K (20 °C) and one atmosphere (101,325 k Pa) pressure; HTPB (hydroxyl terminated polybutadiene) with a hydroxyl functionality equal to or greater than 2,2 and less than or equal to 2,4, a hydroxyl value of less than 0,77 meq/g, and a viscosity at 30 °C of less than 47 poise (CAS 69102-90-5); Neopentyl[diallyl]oxy, tri[dioctyl]phosphato-titanate (CAS 103850-22-2); also known as titanium IV, 2,2[bis 2-propenolato-methyl, butanolato, tris (dioctyl) phosphato] (CAS 110438-25-0); or LICA 12 (CAS 103850-22-2); Hexaazaisowurtzitane derivates including HBIW (hexabenzylhexaazaisowurtzitane) (CAS 124782-15-6) (see also ML8.a.4.) and TAIW (tetraacetyldibenzylhexaazaisowurtzitane) (CAS 182763-60-6) (see also ML8.a.4.); Vessels (surface or underwater) specially designed or modified for military use, regardless of current state of repair or operating condition, and whether or not they contain weapon delivery systems or armour, and hulls or parts of hulls for such vessels, and components therefor specially designed for military use; ‘CBRN protection’ is a self contained interior space containing features such as over-pressurization, isolation of ventilation systems, limited ventilation openings with CBRN filters and limited personnel access points incorporating air-locks.‘Air Independent Propulsion’ (AIP) allows a submerged submarine to operate its propulsion system, without access to atmospheric oxygen, for a longer time than the batteries would have otherwise allowed.

For the purposes of ML9.b.4., AIP does not include nuclear power. includes connectors for vessels which are of the single-conductor, multi-conductor, coaxial or waveguide type, and hull penetrators for vessels, both of which are capable of remaining impervious to leakage from without and of retaining required characteristics at marine depths exceeding 100 m; and fibre-optic connectors and optical hull penetrators, specially designed for ‘laser’ beam transmission, regardless of depth. does not apply to ordinary propulsive shaft and hydrodynamic control-rod hull penetrators.‘Aircraft’, ‘lighter-than-air vehicles’, ‘Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (‘UAVs’), aero-engines and ‘aircraft’ equipment, related equipment, and components, as follows, specially designed or modified for military use: Aero-engines designed or modified for military use which have been certified by civil aviation authorities of one or more EU Member States or Wassenaar Arrangement Participating States for use in ‘civil aircraft’, or specially designed components therefor; For the purposes of ML10.a.


  1. We also provide the expertise and know-how in building new simulation training centres. VRM simulators need less maintenance and less power consumption. VRM develops and produces full range of flight simulators for the Military Aviation - from small trainers like Cockpit Procedure trainer CPT, through fixed based.

  2. The MTI “Virtue” Training Packet is composed of 5 “Virtue” and 1 Military OnRamp training plan, developed for military and other tactical athletes. These plans were first designed and “lab ratted” at our Wyoming facility in late 2014 and early 2015. They were updated in March 2017, and the fifth plan, Gratitude, was added.

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