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One of the questions, which always keep popping up in my head is “why Hungarian guys don’t want to get married? After numerous conversations with my Hungarian and foreigner friends, I came to the conclusion that guys here are extremely spoiled.

When I observe the whole man-woman relationship in Budapest, I get the feeling that a lot of girls trying very hard to find a boyfriend/husband and so many of them are using a dating portal for that.

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or to find love; and with a surge in the number of dating apps available, one of the top ways of meeting new people is right there in your hands. Tinder‘s golden age is over and we’d rather delete all memories of the bizarre Badoo profiles from our memory.

The matches here are called ‘crush‘ instead of ‘match.’Highlight doesn’t only list strangers, but, similarly to Find My Friends, it also shows you friends and acquaintances nearby.

As opposed to the few hundred characters that Tinder allows you to write about yourself, this app allows you to elaborate.

BUT if you prefer the classic way of meeting people, then make your way to a library, or local café or…

I have now put aside male fashion, shopping , beards and any sugar, which men have been recently gifted, for a while.


  1. Oct 14, 2017. Hungarian dating sites have been emerged in recent years to help Hungarian single women to seek men online. These dating servic.

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