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Jacking off chat

The most I have probably done it is about 9 or 10 times in one day. Always up for a good wank after surfing the net looking at porn though.

Wow Rerun, 10 times a day, but that was the exception, I think the most often I masturbated in one day was 4 and that was quite tiring, what did you feel at the end of that day, I bet your penis was a little sore. I had nothing to do that day and layed around watching porn all day and figured I'd see how many times I could get my rocks off. I always use a nice silicone lube when jerking off. I'm 59 years old now and I still jerk off 6 to 7 times a week.... well 1 of my friends was like me and my friend was experimenting he said the sucked each other to make each other fell really good and he was like do you want me to suck you an stuff so you can be ready for when you have sex i kinda wanted to see what it would be like if he did that i said no what should i do o btw hes strait but i think hes bi This is funny right, you said this on the 4th of Feb, it is now the 10th. Like, what could you do better with your time rather than pleasure yourself....

My wife only likes to have sex about once or twice a week and that just isn't enough to satisfy me.

I've been masturbating on a daily basis since I've been about 8 years old.

I love women, all women and can almost get fully erect just by the sensual touch of them but I have a "funny bone" or spot right on my entire pelvic area that makes me extremely tickolous when women start to touch it. Week after week I try intercourse but when you're tickolous right there and you're getting all squirmish and laughing the whole time during sex its kind of hard to stay fully erect and penetrate a woman's vagina.

All the events leading up to it go GREAT and the foreplay is amazing but soon as the womans hands gets close things start to go downhill.

I dont want to do it anymore, but I really enjoyed, do you think this was a gay experience or just fun? I am not sure and to tell you the truth Iwanna to do it again.

hey that expereince you had is healthy coz you will kno more about male bodies and the differences between you and other guys which is knowledge you will have to bare in mind with chicks too..

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Thank God for internet where you can find answers for anything or at least people with similar problems. I have for many years intentionally made sure that my wife would catch me jacking off.

How often do you guys masturbate and how old are you?

I get excited when I know I'm gonna do it and always make sure I last at least half an hour b4 I cum.

She has never been offended and while we have a good sex life, she has always encourged me to jack off whenever I want. I really don't understand why so many men lie about the fact that they jack off.

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