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Which represent a customized view of data for different data operations such as sorting, filtering, etc.

The Data Source View class serves as the base class for all data source view classes, which define the capabilities of data source controls.

Each data source control wraps a particular data provider-relational databases, XML documents, or custom classes and helps in: There are many data source controls available in ASP.It has a default constructor and a Get Students method for retrieving data.The student class: The Access Data Source control represents a connection to an Access database.The following table provides the properties of the Data Source View class: The Sql Data Source control represents a connection to a relational database such as SQL Server or Oracle database, or data accessible through OLEDB or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).Connection to data is made through two important properties Connection String and Provider Name.Read the article Using Data Load Options to Fetch(Immediate Load) the Related Objects in LINQ to reduce the database rountrips or immediately load the related data. And also thanks for providing the source code with database. ---For all you who can't get the source code to work, this is what you have to do string Emp ID; if (lbl Temp ! In Part 1, we have understood the basics of LINQ to SQL and using it by binding List View control by using Linq Data Source controls. First of all THANKS a lot for writing this excellent article. There are a lot of articles out there but they use Linq Data Source which is complete useless. = null) else ---- below is the same ---- Employee emp Temp = (from emp in db Emp. In Part 2, we will understand how the same tasks can be done without Linq Data Source control.We will use the same Employee table to understand the custom databinding using LINQ. I've just returned to 3.5 after a year or so, previously only dabbling with 2.0.In Part 1, we have used Linq Data Source control to bind the List View control. New Edit Index;" part that MAKES THE EDIT POSSIBLE. I wanted to try out listview due to the control in output, and having looked at alot of articles, this (and part 1) I've found to be clear and extremely helpful. In Part 2, we will bind the List View Control without Linq Data Source control using LINQ to SQL classes and provide edit, update and delete functionality to it by writing custom LINQ query. Out of the THIRTY or so articles I've read today, this one is the only one that actually worked.


  1. Jul 2, 2011. In this post I will walkthrough on using Gridview with LinqDatasource. You can bind a GridView with LinqDataSource and would able to Edit Delete View data without writing a single line of code. To see how it works, follow the steps below; Step1 Crate a Web Application. Step 2 Right click.

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