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When I was in college, there was a guy that I ran into constantly.We were both in fine art studies, so we saw each other daily.Eventually he seduced me, it was probably a good nine inches and really thick.I sucked it, horribly, and he forced it up my hole after a few times doing just oral. Called me a dirty little faggot and would cum on my face. I was the only one home, except for the Housekeeper who was always watching soaps and didn't pay attention.After he'd fuck me, he'd convince me to give him money from my parents' stash.By the end of the summer, he had gotten at least 00. I was scared to death at every cough or weird pain or rash. I, too, have heard of GHB, but not in a good 10 years, and I've never heard of someone doing it in a car, before having sex in said car.Hooked up with them on the dance floor and they invited me out to their car for some G. I was in the backseat, jerking them both off and saw the younger guy had a huge cock.The older asked me if the younger could fuck me- I had only been screwed a couple times but wanted to try. Laughed it off and we jerked each other but I was pretty embarrassed. He would sit by our pool and I would bring him lemondade.

The worst thing was that he'd been fucking me all summer, bareback. I love how the druggies think we're retarded for not knowing their lingo, especially about some drug that peaked in popularity about 2 decades ago.

The biggest cock I ever personally handled was on a guy I met at a bar.

Not handsome, but cute, scruffy, remnants of bad skin.

Tell us about your first experience with a cock that was massive (if you've had such an experience). I apparently rolled over in the middle of the night and my arm touched him. He snuggled up against me (his back was to me), so I knew that was the sign that it was okay with him.

We were in a band together, and on tour we ended up in the same bed in some hotel (with two other guys in the other bed).


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