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Online camera sex yes

Yes, that meant pulling cable everywhere, but I firmly believe that if I can watch my cameras wirelessly then so can anyone else that is "creative" (and even hack them).

Another thing I do not like about wireless cameras is maintaining the batteries; the darn things can "go weak" at the worst possible times.

I waited for "holiday sales" on La View kits at Newegg on La View video systems that included the cameras that I want; I had the necessary POE-capable network hardware already.

The included La View NVR in their "kit" (NVR, cameras, Ethernet cables) is a decent "clone" of a Hik Vision product, but it was not suitable for my needs since it required it's own "bloated" Windows software to be viewable over the network and "direct access" to the cameras was "buried" (but hackable, if you work at it) behind a NAT function within the La View NVR.

I needed something cheap and simple for my apartment/house so I got Piper https://getpiper.com/It doubles as a Z-Wave controller and records 30s clips of anything that happens (automatically re-arms after 5m, or if you tell it to manually).

I'd recommend it if you're looking to spend a fixed amount of money.

In my case I have a (Debian) Linux-based server with "zoneminder" on it that is built to the "zoneminder" developer's advice of "more cores, not more clock speed" makes "zoneminder" the work best with 1 core per camera being optimal; counter-intuitive I know, but that dev is right in my experience.A serious criminal "knows" your place; they have observed you, perhaps even taken notes of your movements, "cased" your location at various hours, studied avenues of approach to your doors & windows, and considered potential security methods and possible backup systems you have have. A dog combined with a few carefully placed cameras in "motion detection" mode, high quality door locks, solid-core (or wood-appearing steel) doors, and a decent security/burglar alarm covering doors, window breakage and interior movement (motion sensors) makes for a pretty tough defense.A serious criminal is the most difficult for a homeowner to thwart; sometimes crime is going to happen no matter what you do. Also consider what might be attractive about your house. Big truck in the driveway that doesn't fit in the garage? Lots of nice "fancy stuff" that can be seen through the windows, like a glorious holiday tree in the winter time?Every other cloud-based camera requires a subscription to keep recordings longer.If you're willing to pay for a subscription, consider Canary https://canary.is/, Arlo and Nest https://nest.com/camera/meet-nest-cam/Get yourself a 4-legged hyperactive and hypercurious sentry bot, a/k/a a dog.You really don't want to place cameras where they are easily accessible by a criminal (cameras can be costly), unless they bring their own ladder (kind of obvious, no? Try to understand human psychology regarding approaching a door; people rarely look up because they are focused on the door/entryway and/or door bell, but you can get a good visual from an overhead camera (I use that setup at my front & back doors).Sometimes having 1 or 2 obvious cameras is enough to deter a would-be/wannabe criminal out for a quick "smash & grab"."Perhaps the easiest way to sum up a security exam of your own property is this: "Think like a criminal."Yes, you heard something like that on NBC's "The Blacklist" TV show, assuming you watch that. I have had Arlo since it was in beta (my base station is totally labelled engineering sample)Amazon has some reasonably priced batteries. I have a friend who uses IFTTT only have the units on at night and to upload the recordings to Google Drive. I had considered doing the same thing and have ny home serve do a ~24hour loop the video. It seems like the one's with decent reviews were in the 0 range, which isn't any cheaper than the wireless one's with the fancy features and remote monitoring.I'm not sure why anything related to home security usually has a subscription model, especially these days.So our home was broken into on Friday, and my wife and I are now looking at home security measures to prevent it from happening again. We already picked up a couple of simple door alarms that will make noise if someone breaks in through a door (will hopefully scare them off), but we were also considering cameras.I don't think we can nor would get a home security service like ADT because it is a rental, but anything that we can use and transfer to a future home would be worth considering.


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