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Outlook address book not updating

If not, see the sync issues section at the bottom of this post.

When you configure your account in Outlook either via the Outlook Hotmail Connector (in Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010) or as an EAS account in Outlook 2013, it is indeed very likely that you won’t see all your contacts from the People section of

You can use address lists to organize recipients and resources, making it easier for users to find the recipients and resources they need. Therefore, when new recipients are added to your organization, they're automatically added to the appropriate address lists.

An offline address book (OAB) is a copy of a collection of address lists that has been downloaded so that a Microsoft Outlook user can access the information it contains while disconnected from the server.

For contacts which already existed in Outlook.com, a link to the Facebook or Linked In contact will be created and the combined information is shown as a single contact. Contacts which do not exist on itself but are only being pulled from such a social network provider will be shown in but will not sync with Outlook.

To notice the difference and see where the contact is coming from, take a look below the picture of the contact.


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