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Potassium argon dating volcanic ash

Therefore, the person who stuck the five dollars in the pocket could not mix the money together with the original 20 dollars.

In the case of a fossil, surrounding C-14 can not penetrate the fossil (the sewed up pants) but the limestone (the extra five dollars) must be washed away in an acid bath to get correct results.

Every 500 years, the taxman comes and takes half of their money.There have been cases of this type of carelessness in the past.The last problem to solve is the amount of C-14 in comparison to the amount of C-12 in the atmosphere.Neither young-earth or old earth believers make any arguments over this laboratory finding.The other factors in ascertaining the actual age of fossils are more subjective due to the possibility of human error and interfering environmental factors.One way to ascertain out how long life has been on our Earth is through radiometric dating.Radiometric dating allows us to understand how long fossils have been around by ascertaining the decay of certain radioactive elements in them. Well let’s look at an analogy that will simplify this seemingly complex subject.If the evidence points to less than 7,000-years then we can conclude that the 24-hour creative day is correct and perhaps embrace creationist claims.We will seek to prove that advanced life ahs indeed been around not only for many thousands of years and point even to millions of years.The first visit, he takes 10 dollars, exactly half of the 20 dollars that was originally in the dead man’s pockets. Since there is now 10 dollars left, he takes five dollars.Another 500 years passes by and there is the taxman again!


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