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In a recent paper I argued at length that neither of these forms are human ancestors but are simply extinct varieties of extremely chimp-like pongids, A strong creationist case exists in respect of the australopithecines and the so-called habilines, and the weight of evidence now seems to point away from any connection with humans and towards the strong likelihood that they were nothing more than extinct apes. Note the brow ridges, sloping forehead, and prognathus face.

Indeed evolution authorities Cherfas and Gribbin believe that a strong case can be made that the gracile forms are little more than varieties of extinct pygmy chimpanzees, while the robust forms are varieties of gorillas. These features are also in evidence in Neanderthal, archaic Homo sapiens and in some modern skulls such as Kow Swamp.

With the discovery of the Turkana “Boy” WT 15000 in 1984 in Kenya, it is no longer possible to hold to the position that Homo erectus was only a large-brained pongid.

In evolutionary circles it is becoming increasingly common to argue that although H.

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The Piltdown hoax of 1912- 1914 was not uncovered until 1953, by which time it had played a considerable part in the early skepticism by most authorities toward the Taung-child australopithecine discovery in South Africa in 1924. sapiens, Neanderthal man and finally Cro-Magnon or modern man.

erectus forms are still on the “road” from ape to human, the morphological distinctions between all human-type forms are insufficient to justify a separate species classification for erectus - that is, that post-habiline forms (erectus, archaic and modern sapiens plus the Neanderthals), could be subsumed into a single species -H. (The times and ages mentioned here are those commonly used in evolutionary scientific literature and are used for ease of identification only.

I do not accept an earth history of millions of years.

One cannot always successfully extrapolate in these matters.

In all vital respects WT 15000 was as human as you or I.


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