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With an area of 2,381,741 square kilometres (919,595 sq mi), Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, and the largest in Africa since South Sudan became independent from Sudan in 2011.

Algeria is bordered to the northeast by Tunisia, to the east by Libya, to the west by Morocco, to the southwest by the Western Saharan territory, Mauritania, and Mali, to the southeast by Niger, and to the north by the Mediterranean Sea.

), officially the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a sovereign state in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast.

In the region of Ain Hanech (Saïda Province), early remnants (200,000 BC) of hominid occupation in North Africa were found.From their principal center of power at Carthage, the Carthaginians expanded and established small settlements along the North African coast; by 600 BC, a Phoenician presence existed at Tipasa, east of Cherchell, Hippo Regius (modern Annaba) and Rusicade (modern Skikda).These settlements served as market towns as well as anchorages.This life, richly depicted in the Tassili n'Ajjer paintings, predominated in Algeria until the classical period.The mixture of peoples of North Africa coalesced eventually into a distinct native population that came to be called Berbers, who are the indigenous peoples of northern Africa.As Carthaginian power grew, its impact on the indigenous population increased dramatically.Berber civilization was already at a stage in which agriculture, manufacturing, trade, and political organization supported several states.Neanderthal tool makers produced hand axes in the Levalloisian and Mousterian styles (43,000 BC) similar to those in the Levant.Algeria was the site of the highest state of development of Middle Paleolithic Flake tool techniques.Masinissa's line survived until 24 AD, when the remaining Berber territory was annexed to the Roman Empire.For several centuries Algeria was ruled by the Romans, who founded many colonies in the region.


  1. The largest concentration of Algerian migrants outside Algeria is in France, which has reportedly over 1.7 million Algerians of up to the second generation.

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