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The report said Cuffari “allowed her daughter to have a few friends over to drink alcoholic beverages,” a claim she denies.The police department did not respond to several requests for comment.(During this period the road now known as Yesler Way won the nickname "Skid Road", supposedly after the timber skidding down the hill to Henry Yesler's sawmill.The later dereliction of the area may be a possible origin for the term which later entered the wider American lexicon as Skid Row.) Authorities declared martial law and federal troops arrived to put down the disorder.

A major gateway for trade with Asia, Seattle is the fourth-largest port in North America in terms of container handling as of 2015 The settlement was moved to the eastern shore of Elliott Bay and named "Seattle" in 1852, after Chief Si'ahl of the local Duwamish and Suquamish tribes.

As CBS 2’s Christine Sloan reported Friday, the Cedar Grove mom claims that a Nov.

16 party started as a simple pizza party for her daughter and 25 of her friends, but quickly got out of control.

The Seattle area developed into a technology center beginning in the 1980s, with companies like Microsoft becoming established in the region.

Internet retailer Amazon was founded in Seattle in 1994.


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