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The assigned grade must reflect the performance of the student in the course commensurate with the content and objectives of the course.If a student questions his or her grade, the instructor has a responsibility to discuss the matter with the student.When an instructor knows in advance that he or she will miss a class, arrangements must be made to have the work of the class continue, either by arranging for a substitute instructor, by scheduling an examination for that day, or by providing some alternate work assignment for the students.Instructors must specify in writing, as part of the syllabus, the specific grading policies for the class.If graded materials become the property of the student, then uncollected materials must be kept for one semester.Adjunct and part-time instructors should arrange for storage with the department in their absence.Available office hours should be communicated to students.Instructors are required to meet their classes regularly and at scheduled times.

If the instructor chooses ultimately to retain these materials, they must be kept for a period of one year.

Policy: MSU Conduct Guidelines and Grievance Procedures for Students Revised: August 2006; February 2009; August 2010; July 2011; April 2012; August 2012; March 2015 Effective Date: August 23, 2006 Review Date: August, 2012 Responsible Party: Dean of Students Office, SUB Room 174, (406) 994-2826 Introduction and Purpose: The Dean of Students Office reviews the MSU Conduct Code and Grievance Procedures for Students annually.

As changes occur in the organizational, operational, educational, and legal environments, the guide is revised.

In case of illness or emergency, the department should be notified and arrangements should be made to have another staff member instruct the class or promptly notify students of cancellation.

Classes may not be canceled for the convenience of the instructor.


  1. Below are all the local programs that provide direct services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in this region. Butte. Butte Silver Bow County Attorney Victim Witness Advocate Program Office 406 497-6243. Service Area Silver Bow County – Butte, Rocker, Ramsey, Melrose, Divide.

  2. Mar 6, 2017. Discrimination Grievance Procedures for Allegations of Violations of the Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence, Domestic. for the investigation, their right to identify witnesses, provide any supporting evidence at any time during the investigation, and the opportunity for appeal.

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