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Sheree dating dr good opening line on dating site

What some people were willing to settle for, she wouldn't think twice to.

That didn't mean she felt she was better than everybody else, but try telling that to some of the so-called friends she'd come across."Stuck-up bitch!

Between their antics, Sasha’s beyond grateful for her coworker, Casey. But there’s more than meets the eye to being a baller’s wife.

And the more time Sasha spends among the movers and shakers, the clearer it gets that just like on reality TV, the truth lies behind-the-scenes.

Fresh out of college, she’s got her career as a fashion designer and entrepreneur all planned out.

Her only wild card is choosing which city to launch from.

Still, she’s not worried about getting caught up in the drama—until she’s romanced by a baller of her own.

That way they wouldn't be hatin', but participatin'. The funny thing was, because Sasha carried herself with such class and grace, hood chicks thought that gave them a pass to try her.

As much as Sasha was into clothing and fashion — she had been playing dress-up in her mother's closet ever since she could crawl to it — that would have been cruel and unnecessary punishment.

When most teenagers' bedroom walls were covered with the latest star in film and music or the "it" teen idol, Sasha's were always covered with poster boards of outfits she'd cut out from magazines, sometimes mixing a shirt one model might have had on and placing it over a skirt another model was donning.

""Always acting like some white girl.""Sasha thinks she's better than everybody else.""She lives one block from the hood, not in one of Trump's towers.""She thinks her shit don't stank 'cause her nose too far up in the air to smell it."It was nothing unusual for Sasha to hear these comments made about her — not only from the mean girls back when she was in high school, but now she even heard them from grown women. She'd always had an attitude that exuded confidence.

It wasn't her fault hating-ass hoes mistook it for conceit. Every other word out of her mouth was not a cuss word or ghetto slang.


  1. Dec 17, 2017. Bob Whitfield, when asked for his thoughts on Sheree Whitfield dating a prisoner, posted a tweet that seemed to insult Sheree. On tonight's The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield.

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