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“The main issue is that the globalists don’t like nationalism because it’s all about protecting ones own unique cultural identity from immigrants coming in and refusing to assimilate into the culture.” Globalist is a reference to “Jews”. You are not only racist but a full blown anti semite.

PS: Fellow Word Press Blogger Mgtow Ramp wanted to use my blog for his references for his post. Feel free to use my material, and repost it as you wish.

You always bash liberals, leftist, and even minorities. PS: I am still waiting for your proof about muslim boys converting white kids into islam. This is why I have created this web site to expose scumbags like you for using our platform to spread your racist tentacles. Just because white supremacist & racist conservatives have taken over our community doesn’t mean rest of the world agree with you. He is a republican who support pro traditionalist values!

“We have kept the race and nationality card off the table because we identify that a man’s race and national identity have nothing to do with his character and most of the time people in our own in group will use it as an excuse to set us up on dates or get us to support political causes.” Again you are a pro conservatives, and white nationalist. In fact your interview with Asian MGTOW you were crying white men are portrayed in a negative way, and minorities like Black, Asian, and South Asian in a good way. You know the funny thing about the whole interview? “Just look at what’s happening in the United States where if you’re a black man that’s a Trump supporter you’re considered an Uncle Tom traitor to your own people.” Before you start to judge black community, step into their shoes & walk their life they live than a reflection of you. That label alone should have made every white mgtow distance from him. Of course to people like you only white are brothers. Supporting Trump automatically makes you anti-mgotw. This is just unreal, here are you bashing black men, when in reality you should be taking the side of non-white men. Here we see all the white men jump to vote for Trump, and support him!

Their houses, cultural and religious sites were burned and destroyed.

Kosovo for the Serbs is what Jerusalem is for the Jewish people.

I happen to be white Anglo- Saxon from Australia nonetheless my hatred for these “nationalist” is similar to minorities.

In the years following the war, thousands of Serbs were expelled from their homes, kidnapped and killed.

Cyril and Methodius must have often wondered, as we do today, how God could bring spiritual meaning out of worldly concerns.

Every mission they went on, every struggle they fought was a result of political battles, not spiritual, and yet the political battles are forgotten and their work lives on in the Slavic peoples and their literature.

“Most men going their own way won’t be fooled by this nonsense but there are many nationalist and even white nationalists that are identifying these women as potential dating candidates so my guess is they are coming onto MGTOW You Tube channels and trying to attract some of these women to themselves.” Our community was not created for political wrestling. “Some MGTOW You Tube channels are becoming potential dating sites for women and nationalists.” Name three!

“Many of the so called nationalists could also be agents of the left coming in here to get MGTOW to identify or label itself as part of the alt-right.” There are no Obama support in MGTOW.


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  4. Cyril and Methodius must have often wondered, as we do today, how God could bring spiritual meaning out of worldly concerns. Every mission they went on, every.

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