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The resources and information are provided on the basis that all persons undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of the content.A codependent relationship is where one person has an excessive emotional or psychological dependence on another person.Ive recently been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder after being this way for 12 years. I get so self concious sometimes that when someone asks me something, i cant come back with a reply fast enough even though its a pretty simple question and i get a weird look for it or an insult at my expense.And yes, im not very good with the opposite sex which pisses me off more then anything cause its been my life.

So what i have to ask, id prefer people who have it or dealt with it..do you deal with it?But the chances are a site like that would be flawed from the start as who'd want to define themselves as what the dating site would inevitably label itself as a 'dating site for people with mental health problems'? And although those relationships didn't last very long, I found I myself became more vibrant and confident when I was with them - maybe it rubs off or something or maybe you bounce off each other. when i woke up the next morning sober i was bricking myself about the date i had asked her on, thinking she would never understand my anxiety but it became apparent to me at an early stage she showed signs of anxiety (being nervous when she saw people she knew in the shops, hating being the centre of attention) which made me relax massively.I did date someone very quiet at one point and found that hard work as on a one to one basis I'm quite chatty. I think if i was a single with SA i would have signed up to such a site, i think it takes a lot of the pressure off when your partner can relate to you and understand your problem.And I say that those people who are rude to you are not a good example of social interactions as they are not displaying any social manners at all.Go to the library and find books on interacting with others, Libraries are quiet and rarely crowded so you can start talking to the Librarian and then after awhile you will probably come to recognise people who go there at the same time as you and you can start talking to them.If we talked and had stuff in common then hung out and it went from there it might be ok. There would hardly be anyone on there for a start and it's not important to me if a potential partner has SA or not.I'm more interested in the type of person they are.No I dont think I would use a general social anxiety dating site - Thats for the same reasons I wouldnt use a non-social anxiety dating site. Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.Seemed they did'nt really get going as they were'nt active but i guess lots of ppl would be interested in a site of that nature. I'm asking out of interest as i remember dating when i was at a low in my Anxiety life it put the fear of god in me even talking to a lady, nevermid all the date malarky! Also isn't there a scarcely used site called shy passions or something? It's hard enough finding people I have things in common with in the population at large, so restricting myself to people who share a particular mental health problem (which is not, I suspect, enough to form the basis of a relationship by itself) would only be making things harder, I suspect.(edit- sorry wrong name I was thinking of) To be fair though if you could wrap up all the mental health sites into one dating site and advertised it on all these MH sites maybe you'd have a worthwhile population on it. All the people I have dated so far have been quite confident and a couple have been very sociable and outgoing. thing is i find myself attracted to peoples personalitys (say, the few at work) these are very loud/socialable..confident people .i feel a bit awkward around them.it makes it more apparent im a weirdo...whereas at least with someone shy/possibly SA.kind of makes me feel a bit more "normal" as we aint too different im probably more attracted to the confident/loud people more because i actually know their personalities as they have no problems telling everyone all about themselves...the shy ones are generally more hard work .im confused i met my better half when i was in a drunken stupor one night and asked her out.


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