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Just when you thought you'd had enough tasty desserts in Seoul, you bump into the famed green tiramisu from tart cafe Duex Cremes in Sinsa-dong.

Rich and creamy with just a hint of green tea tang, this is one dessert you definitely want to venture out for.

They also take the sting out of traditional sleepovers, in which a plush blanket on the floor replaces a bed.

Korea's most recognized dish after Korean barbeque, bibimbap is a rice bowl mixed with sauteed roots, marinated beef and chili paste in a hot stone pot. It's still the signature lunch aboard Korean Air flights.

At traditional Korean restaurants, tables are low and chairs are discarded in favor of embroidered cushions.

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In a country where education is one of the most sensitive topics (15% of the average household income is spent on after-school tutoring), 24-hour study rooms provide an intense and quiet atmosphere.If the girl doesn't like what she sees, she leaves with minimal singing, drinking or fake-number-exchanging involved.Real-time updates in the world's most connected city are every Korean celebrity's nightmare.If a steaming bowl of haejangguk (spicy beef broth with congealed cow blood and bean sprouts) doesn't put you right, you're probably getting wheeled to the morgue.Get the authentic taste at ultra-casual Cheongjinok restaurant.Since debuting in 2006, the audacious leader of K-pop group Big Bang has thrilled Seoul fashionistas with fierce fashion -- Alexander Mc Queen silk skull scarves, wedge loafers, skirts!Best fashion moment: head-to-toe vintage Chanel -- complete with a retro headband -- and Kanye West Louis Vuitton neon high tops for the group's concert Big Show 2008.The 133-floor Digital Media City Landmark Building, slated for completion in 2015, will become the second-tallest building in the world after Dubai's Burj Khalifa.From TV and billboards to ramen packages and water filters, girl groups are everywhere in Seoul.The sprawling, über-efficient facility is equipped with a golf course, skating rink, Museum of Korean Culture, casino, high-end spa and restaurants serving just about any kind of pre-flight meal you'd want.Drinking and partying is such a staple of Korean culture that an entire cuisine has sprung up around curing the hangover.


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