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Updating a company charter Free chat n sex dating

The firm integration of schedule, budget, and scope is the only way to keep a web project from becoming unhinged from the real constraints of time, money, and the ultimate quality of the result.A little bravery and honesty up front can save you much grief later. The project charter is the document that formally authorizes a project to begin.Scope creep is the most prevalent cause of web project failures.

A good project charter becomes a daily reference point for settling disputes, avoiding “scope creep,” judging the potential utility of new ideas as they arise, measuring progress, and keeping the development team focused on the end-result.

No single overcommitment is fatal, but the slow, steady accumulation of additions and changes is often enough to blow budgets, ruin schedules, and bury what might have been an elegant original plan under megabytes of muddle.

One excellent way to keep a tight rein on the overall scope of the site content is to specify a maximum page count in the project charter.

However, if you cannot confidently answer all of these questions, then no amount of design or production effort will guarantee a useful result.

The project charter defines the scope of your project: what you need to do, the budget, and the development schedule.


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