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Updating psp system

However, if you intend to apply it on your device, then save the appropriate package for your portable console, create a PSP UPDATE path on an empty memory card or the internal memory, and copy the “EBOOT. Now, make sure the console’s battery is fully charged, connect its AC adapter and plug it into a stable power source, and insert the memory card if you are using one.

Afterwards, go to Menu Refresh to locate the firmware file, press “X” to initiate the upgrade process, and follow all instructions displayed on screen for a complete and successful installation.

Once finished, it would be a good idea to go to Menu System Software and check the currently installed firmware. In addition to that, after finishing all the aforementioned steps, don’t forget to delete the “EBOOT.

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The key is to get the update data onto our PSP's memory stick (or PSPgo's onboard memory) in the correct folder.

You need to have a wireless internet connection in order to use this method, so if you connect your computer via a cable or telephone connection and don't use the internet on your PSP, you'll need to choose a different option.

If you do have wireless access on your PSP, follow the steps below: Obviously, you can't use this method on a PSPgo, and it isn't the best choice if you want the most up-to-date firmware, as even the most recent games will only include the newest version they require to run, and not the newest version released.

Follow the update instructions and let it do its thing.

source Place the update file "EBOOT.pbp", inside the following folder on your PSP: PSP/GAME/UPDATE/If it's a PSP Go, place it in the system memory, not on the memory stick.


  1. May 6, 2011. i just bought a psp yesterday, and have been trying to update it to see what i can still do with it, this helped me out tremendously YOU ARE THE MAN!. card and it has nothing on it. plus my psp has no games on it yet. i don't know what i'm doing wrong and i can't access the psn without updating it first..

  2. Psp 2000 wont read memory stick light NOT Blinking, what should i do? Unresolved. Does the psp have memory on it or is my only option to buy a memory stick? Answered. Can we download the PSP 3000 games online and then put them on the memory stick to play in the psp system? Answered. PSP Memory stick?

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