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Updating xbox 360 using a cd

Based on what we're seeing on the Xbox 360 version, perhaps running both DVD and HDD assets from just the one source slows down access times, impacting streaming performance.

It's not game-breaking stuff, but it does take you out of the moment when it does manifest and for that reason we can't recommend installing the play disc."GTA 5 isn't available for digital delivery on Xbox Live, but we are curious what the impact - if any - will be on the PS3 version, as that available as a PSN download.

Pretty painless all in all..right back to not having the system connected after if you like and only connect when a new update is out.

Check with your service provider, but you might be able to make your phone a mobile hotspot, then connect your xbox wirelessly (via wifi) to that.

Well, optimal streaming is achieved by making use of all the available bandwidth in the system.

Why stream just from the hard drive when you can run in data simultaneously from both the disc and the HDD?

The Digital Foundry Face-Off - due tomorrow morning at 11am - is based on comparison of the two retail disc versions of the game."ORIGINAL STORY: Rockstar has warned Xbox 360 gamers not to install the Grand Theft Auto 5 "play" disc.

On Xbox 360 the openworld game comes on two discs: one mandatory "install" disc and one "play" disc, both around 8GB in size.

Prospective GTA 5 owners - some of which already have the game as a result of early shipping from uk - might have wanted to install both discs, but Rockstar recommends against it."For optimal performance, we recommend not installing that disc," tweeted Rockstar Support. For optimal performance, we recommend not installing the play disc."Rockstar has promised more information soon.

If this solution does not resolve your Xbox 360 update error, you will need to take the unit in for service.

Check out Microsoft's Xbox support page for full information on where and how you can get your Xbox fixed by the pros.

You'll need: * USB flash drive * Blank CD-R * CD/DVD burner Install with a USB Flash Drive1. Navigate to the Xbox Live system update download in your Internet browser by clicking the "Download System Updates" link in "Resources." 3.

Click "Save" to download the update to your computer.


  1. Apr 4, 2014. You can update your Xbox 360 console software by downloading the update to your computer from Xbox.com, burning the update to a CD or DVD, and then installing the. -If you are using an earlier version of Windows, you need to use a special software program to unzip the file for example, WinZip.

  2. Sep 16, 2013. UPDATE 3 Digital Foundry has investigated the matter further and discovered a possible solution to the Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 360 "play" disc. Now, there's absolutely nothing stopping you installing disc two - the 'play' disc - onto the hard drive too, using the Xbox 360's dashboard to do so. It takes up.

  3. Hello, Does anyone have any idea how do i update my Xbox 360 Disc version of Minecraft . Using google I did find a place where you can download updates, but only TU's up to 11 are listed, it's TU12 on the disk, then it jumps to TU15 & TU16 which aren't even out yet- the next one is TU14, and a.

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