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Sweden has borders with Norway (west and north) and Finland(northeast). Sweden is a Nordic country on the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe. Paddington Hyde Park London HD streaming video webcam This live HD streaming video webcam in London is overlooking the busy Sussex Gardens in the Paddington and Hyde Park area in the City of Westminster in the heart of London.For example, jewelry in the style of the Viking Age, souvenirs and books about Vikings.Summer time, you can sit in a cafe on the open terrace and admire the wonderful view of the fortress.

The city of Trelleborg, which you can see on this HD live camera, is located in the southern part of picturesque Sweden.During excavations in the Trelleborg area, fragments of buildings were discovered, thanks to which it was possible to recreate the architecture and life of the whole city.Here you can walk along narrow streets, take part in some master classes: learn how to spin or make coins.This beautiful country is the third largest in the EU yet it is sparsely populated by its 9 million residents.The northernmost parts of Lapland lie in the Arctic Circle where the Aurora Borealis can be seen in this Land of the Midnight sun.Foteviken (Viking Village) - is a popular corner of the region.It is an open-air archaeological museum and the only reconstructed city of the Vikings in the world.was built in 1910 and later was successfully converted into a boutique hotel in colonial style, with leather sofas and 19 century furniture.Keys are made in vintage style and in the backyard of the villa-hotel owners grow greenery for the kitchen in clay pots: cumin, mint, rosemary.Updated 2018-02-28 pm Duved: 2,5 km, 5 km, 7 km, 10 km and 15km open for classic and skate. Ullådalen: 2,5 km, 5 km and the tour to Lillåstugan open for classic and skate 2018-02-28.


  1. Sälen Webcam showing current snow conditions in Sälen. Our snowcam page includes an archive of daily webcam images of the snow in Sälen, plus an archive of the.

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