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This is why in dating, and in business culture, your pitch must be solid.No business can offer a one-size-fits-all solution to meet a customer’s need.This entails mail that we all know as “spam,” where the sender sends a tackless barrage of “deals,” jumping headfirst into the offer. Like dating, not everyone wants to know all all about their partner’s “package,” upon first meeting.The product’s remarkability means nothing if the seller presenting it does so without tact. This is not because the deal isn’t enticing; your sales pitch may in fact be a valuable investment.The ease of becoming informed is a major deal breaker for your audience.If an individual is prompted with an interesting campaign that leads them down an endless series of pages before prompting them with a sales page, that individual will most likely choose to curtail their time with you. Let's jump back to the speed dating table: why are all these eager individuals here? Speed dating, like email marketing, is an easy and effective way to make connections, and eliminate the unpromising ones.Seems like Tom took his Mission: Impossible role to heart.It’s just what Ethan Hunt would do in the movies.” Katie Holmes, however, continues to attempt to keep her romance with Jamie Foxx a secret, despite the fact that the pair has been spotted on numerous occasions over the past year on beach getaways and romantic locales like Paris.

But before we divulge what makes a good email marketing campaign, let’s consider the bad.

Tom Cruise has seemingly been all about his movie career since his high-profile marriage to Katie Holmes met its demise.

The action star has steadily starred in film after film, yet has been at the center of several dating rumors.

Most recently the mysterious duo were spotted celebrating Jamie’s 50th birthday at a Santa Monica beach hotel last week, as Onlookers at the hotel stated that the duo appeared to be quite awkward while Katie kept looking around cautiously.

The couple was also seen walking along the beach while Foxx had his arm around the beauty.


  1. Aug 24, 2014. 2013 was the year when the world underlined just how important looks are to dating. After years of trying to convince hesitant daters especially men to fill out lengthy online dating profiles, the world of online dating was revolutionized with the success of Tinder. An app which almost exclusively relied on.

  2. Aug 30, 2011. Check out this resumé. Jennifer Kelton is an entrepreneur, social media innovator and dating advisor. As the founder and CEO of BadOnlineDates.com, and as creator, director and producer of Bad Date TV and the Internet dating game show, "Dating in Disguise," Jennifer helps people learn, laugh and.

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